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What we do


The Subject Specialism Research Group (SSRG) was established in January 2017, using seed-funding from the UCL Institute of Education. The SSRG has two key, mutually dependent aims:

  • to conduct and promote research into subject-specialist teaching, across the areas of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment
  • to investigate the leading role of knowledge within our schools

Our members’ research is currently focused in one or more of the following areas:

  • the investigation of ‘recontextualisation’ issues that arise and the relations between school subjects and the disciplines
  • the relationship between knowledge-led curriculum and appropriate pedagogies
  • the realisation/enactment of progressive school curricula based on subject specialisms
  • the design, creation and use of ‘textbooks’ within the resource ecologies of specialist subject teaching
  • instructional and task design
  • how we conceptualise ‘progress’ in different specialist domains
  • the design, creation and use of assessment strategies in different specialist domains
  • issues around teacher identity and teacher preparation in relation to subject specialism
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